How was the evening of remembrance dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Victor Tsoy

Memory of Victor Tsoy was honored in many cities of Russia and even in other countries. Many events were held in St. Petersburg: fans of the band “Kino” visited the boiler house where Tsoi worked, and organized a number of concerts during which his songs were performed. Russian and foreign rock bands performed in clubs and parks, and an exhibition opened at Malaya Sadovaya, featuring photographs of Tsoy taken in the last year of his life. Near the cemetery where Victor was buried, a concert “Try to sing with me” took place.

In Moscow, concerts were also held in several places. Songs of Tsoy were performed by bands from Russia, America, France, etc. In particular, in the club “B2” as part of the traditional festival “Kinomania” there were musicians, each of whom performed at least one song of the “Kino” group. The club “Milk” featured American band Brazzaville, performing cover versions of Tsoy’s songs.

Grand concert “Tsoi is alive!” , dedicated to the memory of the legendary rock musician, was held in Yekaterinburg. It was there that many popular groups decided to perform, including “Yu-Peter”, “Alice”, “Picnic”, “King and Jester”, “Pilot”. Soi’s memory evenings took place in many other cities as well. In Zaporozhye the songs of the band “Kino” in the rock club were performed by popular Ukrainian vocalists, and in Barnaul the concert took place near the monument to Tsoy. A concert was held in the Khabarovsk rock club, and later a thematic apartment was organized in this city. Radio Vostok of Russia hosted a program dedicated to the work of Victor Tsoy.

Events in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Kino leader also took place in some other countries. In particular, a major concert was held in Almaty, during which 10 groups offered their cover versions of famous songs to the audience, and then a screening of the film “Igla”, the main role in which played by Tsoi. Finally, fans of the star were shown excerpts from video recordings of the concerts of the band “Kino”.

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