How Tupac Shakur came to life at Coachella-2012 festival

When the’ resurrected ‘repper with tattoos on a nude torso and wearing white jeans climbed on stage, greeted the hall and began performing his hits first solo, and then in the company of Snoop Dog and Doctor Dre, there was no limit to the amazement of the public. The audience managed to unravel this phenomenon not immediately, especially, many (as they admitted) were not quite sober. Of course everything was without mysticism and spiritualist sessions — the “miracle” was explained by quite real modern 3D technologies.

Get an idea of this spectacle will help you video. The hologram turned out incredibly realistic. That on the scene Coachella “acts” is still a three-dimensional image, not a living person, becomes noticeable only after the appearance of a quite real Snoop Dog — Tupac Shakur on his background looks paler, and in movements of the figure manifests a pair of sins.

According to the information available in the network her blessing for such “resurrection” was given by Scam Shakur — the mother of the late Repper. She also provided the necessary materials for the creation of a 3D phantom. The developers of the project emphasize that the image was made “from scratch”, Tupac’s live concert videos were not used at the same time. It took about four months to work and another two months to write the script. Members of this revolutionary project included Doctor Dre’s company, James Cameroon’s special effects studio and firms specializing in holograms.

The cost of the project is not disclosed. According to the estimates of connoisseurs, more than one hundred thousand US dollars were spent on creating this fantastic action. However, that money was not thrown into the wind. The Zatea generated some income and could continue to generate.

First of all, the interest in the personality of the deceased repper, who in 16 years since the death the public has already managed to forget. Sales of Tupac Shakur’s albums and singles increased significantly. In the media there was information about the tour, in which in addition to the hologram allegedly intended to perform Snoop Dog, Doctor Dre, Eminem, etc. Later these rumors denied, but it is possible not to doubt that if such tours took place, wishing to attend such a concert and see the wonders of 3D technologies firsthand there would be a lot.

It is worth noting that the public immediately began to dream about the continuation of the series of “resurrections”. The names of Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, The Beatles and others have been called and continue to sound. And recreating Michael Jackson’s image was not only interested in his fans, but also family members. According to the brother of the late King of Pop, the tour of their family band The Jasksons, which will include a hologram of Michael, may well be a reality soon.

Well, how these technologies will be applied in the future, time will tell. And their enterprising producers will be used for sure – because the 3D artist will never get tired, will not get sick and will not die again.

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