How traffic infraction fines have changed since July 1

Measures against illegal tinting of frontal and front side autoglasses will be tightened first. As of July 1, the light throughput should be at least 75% for the frontal and 70% for the side panes. DPS inspectors can determine the light throughput by special instrument. If the norm does not comply with GOST, the car owner will impose a fine of 500 rubles and remove license plates. Within a day, the car owner must remove the illegal tinting, pay the fine and come to get the license plates. If he didn’t manage to do it, he would face punishment under article for operation of the vehicle without license plates. The

most controversy among motorists was caused by new amendments to the traffic regulations on parking. Now fines for parking in an unspecified place (contrary to signs and road markings) will have to pay 3000 rubles in Moscow St. Petersburg and 1500 in other regions of Russia. At the same time, the car is forcibly transported to a parking penalty. However, this service will remain free only for Muscovites. In the regions, there will be an extra charge for this. Such measures are waiting for those who decided to leave their car at the crosswalk or closer than 5 meters to it; at the stop of public transport and tram tracks. Now you can only stop in the second row in case of extreme necessity. Otherwise — all the same 3000 rubles and forced evacuation.

It will not be easy now for those who like to go around traffic jams in dedicated lanes for public transport. Now for such a lichacy you can lose three thousand rubles in two capitals, and one and a half thousand in the regions. And if you take into account that all the allocated strips are equipped with video fixers, we can assume that such a fine in the coming days will become the most popular.

Substantial changes in the tariff grid were also subject to traffic violations in the residential zone. Now driving through yards at high speed can deprive the car owner in the region of 1500 rubles, and Muscovites and Peters – still the same 3000.

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