How to write your advice on asProst


Login to the site. As simply grants you the right not to register on the portal itself: you can log in using your social network account (, Facebook, Twitter) or mailbox (a.k.a. – single account) On the main page, on the right, you can see the sign “Login with help” and the icons of the specified services: click on any of them to start the authorization procedure.


Agree to use personal information. This is a mandatory procedure, and it is carried out exclusively through the internal systems of the services themselves (to make sure of it – look at the address of the page that requests permission). Your personal data remains fully secure and will be able to use all the functions of the site.


Make sure the login is made: when the authorization has passed successfully, the panel with social media icons will be replaced with your profile name, and at the bottom there will be a brief statistic of your activity on the portal.


Go to the topic page you want to supplement with your advice. At the bottom, find the headline “Our Readers’ Tips”, under which you can see all the users already left and the “Add Advice” button. That’s what you want.


Click on the button. A window for writing the council will open. All author’s tools are available to you: you can make your comment as a full-fledged article! In particular, you have access to the fields “Headline”, “Picture”, and “Announcement”, which do not have to fill in – but this will give your message a more colorful look.


In the “Council” field, enter the information you want to share. The writing style remains entirely on your conscience, however, some recommendations should be followed in order that your advice reaches readers (the administration of the site may well not accept). First of all, follow the rules of punctuation and grammar. Stand up to stylistics, i.e. do not switch from frank slang to overly scientific style of presentation and vice versa. Try to write more specifics, avoiding sentences expressing only emotions or repeating what has already been said. Try to ensure that the text of the advice complements the content of the main article, because the general purpose of all authors is simply to help users answer their questions, and your message helps to achieve this goal.


Click on the button “Send for verification” when you finish. Editors will read your advice and add it to the page.

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