How to write a text with congratulation


If you are talking about congratulations from acquaintances who have no role in your life, the template phrase “With holiday! All the best!”. It is only natural that such congratulations are taken accordingly. Try to avoid such language in order to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings on the part of the addressee.


Some in their quest to soriginalize go even further. They enter in the search engine the phrase “congratulations on… (the name of the holiday)”, choose from the obtained results the most appropriate and send to the addressee. It is unlikely the recipient will believe in the sincerity of your words by receiving a similar message.


Try to create your own congratulations. Whether you are proficient in Russian or not, the main thing is your authorship. Even a couple of minor errors in your message will help the addressee understand that you were trying to congratulate him heartily, rather than taking the easy path and not composing an unsubscribe.


When formulating a text message avoid banal wishes like “good health”, “strong love”, etc. The culprit of the celebration will certainly be nice to get those words in your address, but you can become far from the first to use them. Try to use synonyms to express your emotions. You can find dictionaries on the Internet, which reflect all similar words in meaning.


Imagine writing a congratulation for yourself. Use those expressions you like. Your wish should be relevant to who it is intended. Try to veil your thought behind beautiful words so that it stands out among others, but at the same time the addressee managed to understand it.

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