How to win in Gosloto 1 million rubles


In “Gosloto” sweepstakes it is usually necessary to select five or six numbers that can bring you luck. You can, without being wise, use your date of birth and date of birth of a loved one to obtain these numbers. If you were born on May 9, 1985 (09.05.1985), your luck numbers are 5.9 and 23. The number twenty-three turned out as a result of adding all the numbers of your year of birth.


The next way will only be suitable for the case where you need six lucky numbers. Use your initials to get them. The letters must match the numbers. Letters that are never capitalized in names and surnames (Y, H, S, Kommersant), you won’t need. So, you will have a kind of system of 29 characters. Translate two letters of your first name, last name, middle name to numeric format. For example, if your name is Aleksey Petrovich Ivanov, your lucky numbers are 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 16.


In some cases catching luck by the tail is helped by the date of the draw. So, if the draw takes place on March 15, the number 1,3,5 and 15 can be present in the winning numbers. Numerologists believe that the date is directly capable of affecting the outcome of the game.


avid gamblers have developed their own system will accept. According to them, the ticket can only be purchased during weekday morning or weekend evening. It is not recommended to buy a ticket on Sunday as there is a risk of losing even existing savings. But on the day of your birth, it is simply necessary to play, as the chances of winning on this day increase repeatedly.


Going for a ticket is a whole ritual that can, if properly conducted, attract luck. Don’t dress brightly, you’ll be more helped by dark colors, such as black. You can’t wear T-shirts and shirts with bright designs, as well as with strips and cells. Going for the ticket, leave all your jewelry at home.

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