How to wash linen things

Pay special attention to the choice of linen wash. It is important to consider several factors at once First, if you have to wash things in hard water, you should definitely use a means containing components to soften it. Second, if you wash colored linen clothes, make sure there are no optical bleaching reagents in your chosen powder, otherwise the fabric will be covered with nasty spots and the thing will be spoiled. Third, choose the means with reduced foaming. And finally, take a few minutes to read the information on the laundry detergent packaging and make sure that this remedy actually fits.

If you intend to wash clothes in the car, take into account that for light one-tone linen things suitable for water temperature 60 degrees, and for color – no more than 40 degrees. In both cases it is recommended to put in the drum of the washing machine not too many things to be located there freely, otherwise the quality of washing will leave much to be desired, and things after it can lose your appeal. If your washing machine has an extra rinse mode, be sure to set it. The fact is that if there is a little washing powder left on the fabric, the life of the product can be significantly reduced.

When washing linen things by hand, you can pre-thoroughly wash them and then put them in warm water and leave them for 15-20 minutes. Please note that this does not apply to clothing with embroidery as it is not recommended to soak at all. Then wash things and rinse them thoroughly in cold water. If you wash colored clothes, add some citric acid to the water to keep the colors brightness. After washing, gently squeeze the product without twisting it, and then dry quickly. Ideally, linen clothing should be left to dry alfresco in the sun’s rays.

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