How to volunteer in floods

To become a voluntary assistant to society, first of all you need to answer the question: “Will I be able to help people? Will I handle this job?” It is also necessary to be prepared that going to the disaster zone, you will have to live in “field” conditions, hope only for yourself and not distract other volunteers with their problems. After all, this is not helping you, but people in trouble.

To become a good volunteer, it is necessary to be able to provide at least first aid. It is not bad also to have excellent health and sports training.

If all this doesn’t scare you, contact volunteer organizations that work in the element area and offer your help. Volunteers are always in short supply in such organizations. So, as a rule, they take in their ranks anyone who wants to help people. Specify which disaster areas now affected are most in need of support, and exactly what assistance is needed there first.

Before you go to the disaster zone, collect the necessary things you will need while helping the victims. First, bring with you special waterproof clothing and rubber boots. Second, shift lingerie and warm stuff. As well as a shovel, an axe, a lantern and a supply of batteries, a strong rope and a medicine kit. Don’t forget drinking water and canned food. In addition, you will find a sleeping bag or a tent.

You will provide great help to the victims in the flood if you have a gazelle or a minibus. Underburners always need stuff, bed linen, medicine, other necessities. It often happens that humanitarian assistance does not reach remote settlements caught in the disaster zone. This is where your transport will be useful.

And most importantly, help should come to the victims in time. So if you decide to volunteer and go to a disaster zone, don’t be put off. After all, where there has been flooding recently, people wait and hope that they will be given a helping hand as soon as possible.

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