How to use tampons

Tampons fit both young girls and adult ladies. There are various options in the sale. For example, for beginners, tampons with applicator are very convenient – they allow you to introduce hygiene products more accurately and do not get your hands dirty. If you do not like this option, choose tampons without an applicator – with proper training it is very easy to use them.

Determine the size of hygiene products. For weak secretions, tampons marked “mini” will be suitable. Moderate allocations require funds marked “normal”, and when abundant buy a box with the designation “super”. You can also determine the size by the number of drops drawn on the package — the larger they are, the better the swab absorbs.

Before using the swab, wash your hands thoroughly. Free the hygienic product from individual paper or cellophane packaging. For convenient introduction, you can sit down slightly or lift one foot on a high support – for example, a bath skirting. By inserting a swab with the applicator, enter the cardboard structure deep into the vagina and press the piston. He will install a hygienic agent in the place. The drawstring should stay outside.

Preparing to use the remedy without the applicator, place your index finger in the notch at the wide end of the swab, where the drawstring is attached. Take a tampon into your vagina. If you feel uncomfortable, perhaps it’s inserted not deep enough.

Change tampons every 4-8 hours. Under no circumstances do you leave them for a longer time. If you have very abundant allocations, change funds more often, and for underinsurance use gaskets.

Tampon makers warn of the dangers of toxic shock syndrome. It is quite a rare disease, however there is a perception that defenses introduced inside the vagina can provoke it. If after using tampons you felt a sudden malaise — very high temperature, chills, nausea and diarrhea — be sure to consult a doctor.

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