How to use Little Monsters

To go through the registration procedure on the “Little monsters” resource, go to A special form will appear in front of you with fields to enter the following information: your email address, your login and password, and your date of birth. In the second step of registration, you will have to share information about yourself: provide your name, country and city in which you live; describe your interests and hobbies.

The third step of registration is created to make sure you are not a robot and requires the introduction of the characters displayed on the screen. In the last step, you will be able to invite your friends from various social networks. The registration will then be completed and you will immediately go to the home page of the Little Monsters resource. You will no longer need to enter your login and password, as the login will happen automatically.

After completing the registration procedure on the social network “Little monsters”, you get access to the content of the resource, to various news, photos and videos related to the creativity of the lady Gagi. Immediately after the completion of the registration procedure, a window will appear before you with various suggestions related to the service. You can view the preview videos or skip them by clicking Next each time.

After that, you can start communication with other users of Lady Gaga’s resource. You can share photos, various videos and lots of other interesting materials.

Note the tabs at the top of your personal page window. On the “Media” tab, you can view various materials related to the singer’s work. The “Discyss” tab gives the opportunity to communicate with other members of the resource, discuss topics of interest to you. By opening the “News” tab, you will get acquainted with the latest news from Lady Gaga’s life, going to “Monsters”, you will be able to see the top participants of the project, on the “Events” tab there is information about new songs and albums by the singer. In addition, the resource has a chat and a user-friendly search interface.

To write a private message to a member of “Little monsters”, click on the “Monsters” tab and click on the profile you want. Select the Message link.

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