How to use a tweeter


Sign up at to start using Twitter. This procedure has recently been available in Russian, takes place in several stages and consists of simply filling fields with their data in the first stage. In the second step, the service suggests adding people you are interested in to read their records. It is recommended to add at least 5 people here. In the third stage of registration, add 5 more people from different categories.


After that, Twitter will invite you to transfer your friends from other mailers and social networks. If you want to do so, specify logins and passwords from the provided services and select those you want to import. The stages of adding friends are not mandatory and can be skipped. At the registration conclusion, specify your valid mailbox. It will receive an email with a link to activate your profile. Follow this link.


To communicate on Twitter, enter the text of your messages into the field located at the top of the page and press the Tweet button. Each message must contain no more than 140 characters, including spaces. Next to the Tweet button is a pointer to the number of characters already entered. Immediately after sending your message, it will be added to your feed below. But no one will see it until you have the follovers — people reading your posts.


On the right side of your page, find the Followers and Followers sections. The first section contains those users whose posts you read. In the second, users reading you. To add a specific person to the list of your readers, click on the Search button by entering that person’s login in next to the field. In the window that opens you can see the latest messages of this person, and clicking on his photo — his information. Click the Follow button and that face will become your reader.


Use Search to find the people you’re interested in, as well as messages that contain words and phrases you’re interested in. Note that your feed only displays messages of users of which you are a reader, plus your messages. Accordingly, your messages appear on the feeds of your readers — followers. So if you liked someone’s message — a tweet — your friends won’t see it unless you use the retweet function.


To retweet text, hover over it and select Retwit. After that, the message you like with a link to its author will see your follovers. This feature is incredibly useful for expanding the audience of follovers. So, if you write something yourself that your readers will certainly want to retweet, you will be looked at by the readers of your readers. And after them — readers of your readers and so on.


Use the Reply button under the post if with its author you wish to enter the discussion. This will allow you to send a reply message to its author. Your entire discussion will be available for reading by your follovers. Please write personal messages to anyone through the Message option. In the tab that opens, click on New Message, select the user and write him a private message. Its text will not appear in the ribbon and will be readable only to the addressee.

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