How to upload videos online to YouTube

You will need
  • – computer with internet access;
  • – registration on Google;
  • – video file you want to download.

Log to the Youtube homepage. In addition to data about the latest videos, you will find keys that suggest you sign in or create an account. Since you haven’t registered there yet, click the second one. Registration is quite normal, only you will be asked to choose a Google username. If you are already registered with this service, simply enter your nickname. Later, you will be asked to select a user on Youtube check if you have filled in the fields, first of all the email address. To activate your account you will need to follow the link received in the email.


You can upload videos to Youtube in principle through any modern browser. Older versions are not worth using. The service can give you a plate that the browser is not supported. Preferably other Chrome and Firefox 4, which give you the ability to download large files. Also, these browsers support proof.


Select the video. It can be either on a computer or removable media. It is more convenient to download from your computer, so it is best to select a partition on disk for the movie and transfer. Don’t forget that the movie should not infringe on anyone’s copyright. In addition, it should not contain information that violates Russian legislation and international legal norms. Accounts of users who often violate the rights of authors, performers or other persons related to the video are deleted quite often.


On the Youtube page, find the “Add Video” option. Press the key. In front of you will open a page where there is an inscription “Add video file”, and next to the button “Add video file” and a standard window that prompts you to find the file on your computer.


Remember in which directory your file is located. Select it and click the Open button at the bottom of the window.


In the appropriate windows on the Youtube page write the title of your video and give a brief description. Enter keywords for which other users can find your video via search engines. You only have to save the changes. You can watch the video online, as well as paste the code into your social media blog.

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