How to understand and outwit a mistres


Shock, shock, burning resentment. It seems to a woman at such a minute that the earth is going out from under First and most natural reaction: can’t be, it’s some stupid joke or revenge! But the interlocutor begins to tell her wife about such details, which were known only to her and her husband, and still literally savoring them. And the shaken woman gradually reaches: it is not a joke or revenge, but a sad truth. What to do? Arrange a terrible scandal to an unfaithful spouse? File for divorce? Stop! Now think, because this is what the mistress achieves. For what purpose she called you. Surely from the notorious female solidarity that she, the poor woman, does not even suspect the true appearance of her hubby, so I will open her eyes? Nothing like that. Her only goal is to make you as sick as possible so that you decide to break off your relationship with your husband.


Try to understand your rival as a woman. She wants family happiness, too. She is gravitated by her status as a mistress, she wants to be called a legitimate wife. She is unbearable to think that your husband persistently does not abandon the family, that for him she is a temporary option. It is clear that this woman has jealousy and instinctive dislike for you, because it is you who interfere with her happiness. Her revelations are an attempt to anger, embittle you, ruin your marriage. Will you go to her point by actually fulfilling her innermost wish?


Of course you are greatly offended, angry. But try to calm down, because it is necessary to make important decisions on a cold head. Objectively and impartially analyze your family relationship, try to find the answer to the question: why did the husband even have a mistress, what he lacked? If you have enough wisdom and fairness to admit that there is also your share of guilt in what happened, consider that half the matter has already been done. Make the necessary adjustments to your behavior, and the husband will very soon be pulled to you like a magnet.


By no means take revenge on the mistress, do not come to her work or home with a showdown. You will find yourself guilty. Remember, she wants to provoke you to play the role of an innocent sufferer. Don’t give her that pleasure.


If you decide to keep the marriage, try not to reproach your husband, especially do not blackmail: “You will go to her — I will not let you meet the children!” It’s both undignified and just plain stupid. Better quietly let him know that you all know, but are willing to forgive and forget. With this simple reception you outwit the mistress, upset her cunts.

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