How to travel without travel services

To travel without the services of a travel agency, first you need to collect all the information about the itinerary you are interested in. The easiest thing to do is on the Internet, a lot of useful information can be found on the websites of the same travel companies.

First of all, gather information about the sights you want to see. If they are inside the same country, determine the most optimal travel route. Appreciate your travel options carefully: even if two points on the map are close enough, it doesn’t mean that you can easily get from one to another. Be sure to search for information about rail, bus, aviation routes. You should have the fullest possible information about all the movement along the intended route.

If you intend to stay in one locality, you are required to book a room in advance, this will save you from the hassle. Booking a room will be useful for you as well when obtaining a visa. In case you want to visit several places, book a room only in the first place. You will always be able to book rooms as you travel, which will provide you with complete freedom of movement. If you don’t go to some mass events involving thousands of people, the problem of overnight accommodation does not occur at all, you will always be able to find a room after arriving at the place.

Find information about the visa regime of the countries you want to visit in advance. A Schengen visa is required to visit most European countries. To travel to England it will be necessary to obtain a British visa separately, as that country is not part of the Schengen zone. Many countries of the world have a visa-free or simplified visit regime with Russia, which means that you will be able to get a visa upon arrival in the country. More information about this you can find on the website

Since you have decided to travel yourself, you will also purchase the tickets you need to travel yourself. If you have a transplant, be sure to consider the time difference between time zones. When buying tickets, always know if you can make the necessary transfer.

Going to a foreign country, always learn about its mores and customs so as not to be in an awkward situation. The more information you collect, the easier and more enjoyable your journey will be.

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