How to transfer site to new hosting

You will need
  • – accounts on hosting; –
  • ftp manager.

Of course, if possible, it is recommended to use technical support services: they will help you migrate sites absolutely free, though, will have to wait a while. Unfortunately, not every hosting provider boasts such services.


Domain of the portable site needs to be added to your account on the new hosting. To do this, go to the web panel and in the “Domains” section select the option “Add” or “Bind” (for each hosting the titles may be different). Then you need to change or enter the names of dns servers, usually they have the following form:,, etc.


DNS address cache will change several hours. To avoid wasting time, prepare an archive of your website files as well as a database. Some hostels have special tools, such as a built-in ftp client in the control panel. This option allows you to copy the required files several times faster than the local client downloaded from the Internet.


You can use any ftp client in the settings of which you need to specify the login, password and IP address of the connection. Once connected, select the directory where your site is located and copy all its contents to your hard drive. It is recommended that you create a directory of the same name for each Winchester site.


Now you need to copy the MySQL database to your computer. To do this in the web pane, select “Databases” and click on phpMyAdmin. On the loaded page, note the left column, which contains the names of all databases. Select the desired one by clicking it. On the right side, click the Export tab and click OK.


On the new hosting, you need to create a new database and import the file from your hard drive. To quickly solve this issue, it is better to use the special tool “MySQL Database Wizard”. You will need to enter the name of the database you create and password that you can generate randomly. In the open database, click the Import tab and open the file from the hard drive.


Only to copy the site files to the new hosting. To do this, use the same ftp client. After a few hours, your site will be available and will be displayed in all browsers.

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