How to throw a party summer

You will need
  • – tablecloths;
  • – refreshments;
  • – alcoholic beverages;
  • – disposable dishes;
  • – pickled meat;
  • – fresh vegetables and fruits
  • – first aid kit
  • – balls.

Identify the circle of friends who will attend the party, all together choose a place for the holiday. If you go to someone for a country house or recreation center, you will not have to take barbecue and dishes, all this you will find on the spot.


To organize a party on the waterfront you’ll need to take a large tablecloth or lots of special picnic mats to spread out on these makeshift tables treat. You can grab a few sofa cushions for greater convenience. Well fit and inflatable mattresses, on them you will swim and relax on the shore.


Take special umbrellas to protect against the burning rays of the sun, because if you are located near trees, you will be interfered with nastily insectivores. Put some light bedspreads in the trunk, bathers and those who decide to sunbathe or rest and take a little nap.


Carefully make a list of drinks and foods that will need to be taken. It takes a lot more refreshments in summer than you plan, so buy more cold water or soda. Bags with styrofoam gasket will be useful, in them products keep fresh for longer.


Pour ice cubes into thermos. Cold drinks can be kept in a shady place in the water, there they still don’t heat up for a long time. Take a disposable dish, and after the party, be sure to collect all the garbage in bags and throw away in the container. Plastic better take bright with a fun pattern, because dishes also set the mood.


In nature always go well meals cooked over an open fire, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t take ready-made salads, they can sour still on the road. Vegetables can be cut and refilled with vegetable oil already in place. Marinate the meat in advance, it is better on the eve of the party, then it is cooked considerably faster.


Don’t forget ketchup and other sauces, focus on the tastes of partygoers. For the holiday you need alcoholic beverages as well, unless your company adheres to a sober lifestyle. Better get beer and wine. Too strong drinks do not need to be consumed in the heat so that there are no health problems.


Check your car first aid kit and fill it with fresh medication. If someone needs special means, don’t forget to take them, because the ambulance can wait wrong and soon. Follow precautions when bonfire breeding and swimming in an open body of water.


For entertainment, take inventory for outdoor games. Badminton, volleyball and large beach inflatable balls are suitable. That’s all you need for a successful party in the summer in warm good weather!

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