How to tell your soulmate that you have loved the other


Determine for yourself what you want to achieve by telling your partner that you have a new sweetheart. If you don’t intend to part with your soulmate because of a fleeting craze, consider whether it’s worth reporting similar news to your partner at all.


Having realized that without a new fascination you life is not nice, and the current partner should be transferred to the category of former, do not forget to tell him about it as can be sooner. If you had strong and awe feelings for each other before then, it is understandable that you will be afraid of offending the partner. However, if your soulmate still loves you, making care painless you are unlikely to succeed. Be reconciled with the fact that you will hurt a loved one and understand that it is necessary for both you and him to find their happiness in the future.


Try unobtrusively preparing a partner for your care. Ask what he would do if you decided to break up with him, what emotions would feel if you met another. Such questions can frighten or anger the partner, but in the future he will not be so surprised to learn the unpleasant truth.


Some guys and girls, having gained a new sweetheart, begin to behave in such a way as to force the acting partner to abandon them. Of course, this way can have an effect, and as a result you will be able to expose yourself to the victim left by a dishonourable person, but consider that you are not being fair to your a half who was once loved. Also, if a partner cherishes you, chances are he will try to maintain the relationship at all costs by patience with your vagaries.


Deciding about the need to break up, talk candidly to your soulmate. Leave it to your discretion whether or not to report the fact of having a new love. You need to be told that it’s over between you and you won’t change your opinion. Try in conversation not to give your partner the hope of resuming your connection and don’t hurt him and so zealous smugness.

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