How to take care of your face in summer


For oily skin you need careful care. Wash with antibacterial gels, wipe your face with lotion and then be sure to apply a light cream that narrows the pores. This will help not only get rid of excess sebum, but also protect the skin from dust and dirt, which when caught causes acne and black dots. Twice a week, apply a blue clay mask to which lemon juice is added. When eels appear, wipe your face with calendula tincture or salicylic acid lotion.


Dry skin needs to be nourished and hydrated. Do not use the means, which contain alcohol and antibacterial components – peeling will appear. Note the soft wash foams, two-phase make-up remover lotions and tonics enriched with oils and vitamin supplements. Once a week, grease your face with olive oil, keep 40 minutes and wash. If you like to carry out beauty treatments before bedtime, the oil may not wash away. Before going outside, apply moisturizer with high levels of protection against ultraviolet, and nourishing before bedtime.


Normal skin type does not need any special care. But it doesn’t hurt to maintain a natural level of hydration. Give up soap in favor of washing gel. You can use the tonic only in the morning hours. Periodically make fermented milk masks, such as sour cream and strawberry berries.


Whatever skin type, try to avoid direct sunlight on your face – wear hats or caps. Proper nutrition will also help avoid various problems. Eat as much fruit as possible, because in summer they are most useful for the body. Take vitamin complexes, which contain zinc, calcium and phosphorus in large quantities.

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