How to submit papers to a university

Call the admissions committee of your chosen university or go to the website of this educational institution and specify the list of documents that is required for admission to this university. The requirements of different educational institutions may vary. If you are focusing on information received from the site, please note that this information is up to date. If the list of documents was published last year, it could change.

The approximate list of documents you need upon arrival will be as follows: passport and photocopy of passport sheets with photo and information about your place of residence, receiving secondary education, documents on the surrender of the EGE, photographs, a certificate or military ticket for military personnel, as well as a medical certificate for those who enter the day office.$ You can get this certificate at your clinic. Don’t put it off for the last day โ€” it will take you quite a while to get around all doctors.

Specify whether the university accepts photocopies of documents. Also, if you are the winner of any competitions or Olympiads, certificates and other certificates of your victories or their photocopies must be attached to the rest of the papers.

Find out the time of submitting documents to the selected educational institution and go to the admissions committee. It’s not worth doing that on the last day, otherwise you risk spending a few hours in line. The representative of the commission will issue you an application addressed to the rector, which will need to be filled out according to the established model. After that, you give the application along with the documents to the member of the admissions committee. Your papers are sewn, and you are given a receipt, which officially makes you an applicant of this university, and also allows you to pick up documents in case of which.

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