How to strengthen nails summer

Protect nails with special rubber gloves to wear while working in the garden, washing dishes and doing other household chores. By the way, labor activity is easy to connect with cosmetic procedures. To do this, apply a restorative hand and nail cream on the skin and put on cotton gloves, and on top of them rubber.

Ultraviolet can not only age the skin of the hands, but also severely damage the manicure. Bright varnishes in the main mass are defenseless before exposure to sunlight, so in summer they quickly lose saturated color. The modern cosmetics industry offers special coatings that protect nails from the sun’s detrimental radiation while maintaining the bright color of the varnish.

If you feel that under the influence of sunlight and dust, the skin of the hands is dry and the nails are folded, lubricate the cuticle with vegetable oils. Strengthening the nail plate is promoted by olive, almond, rose oil, as well as preparations enriched with vitamins A and E. Recently there have been oils containing extract from wheat sprouts, which perfectly restores nails and ensures the integrity of the cuticle.

Apply a few drops of oil on the base of the nail plate and gently circulate them into the cuticle. Repeat this procedure every day, morning and evening, even if the nails are covered with varnish.

Another effective means of restoring nail structure is salted seawater. Due to its composition it is able to improve the nail plate in just two weeks of vacation at sea. Under the influence of sea water, the nails are aligned, become more transparent, flexible and shiny. However, while at sea, it should be remembered that salt water actively washes out of nails useful trace elements, in particular calcium. So every time after bathing, take a shower and wash the salt off your body.

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