How to store berries properly summer

Let’s say you want to keep raspberries or strawberries. In this case, put the berries in a plate in one layer, cover top with a paper towel or a regular napkin and put in the fridge. It is not necessary to put fruit in glassware, it is also not necessary to close the container tightly with a lid, as you activate the reproduction of bacteria, which means that the berry after such conditions can be throw away. If you want to eat berries during the day, and the house is cool enough, you can leave them in a dark place, having previously covered with a napkin.

If you wish to save raspberries and strawberries for a longer time, resort to freezing. Before this they do not need to be treated with water, otherwise due to the isolated juice they will turn into one large com. Unzip a paper towel on a tray or pallet, dry the berries on top with one layer. Put them for an hour and a half in the freezer. Once they harden, dry them in a plastic bag and place them again in the chamber.

Blueberries, knuckleheads, blueberries, currants can be placed in the refrigerator in a deep container, but at the same time do not cover them with a lid (it is enough also to cover with a paper towel). If you want to freeze berries, pre-rinse them under running cold water. Once processed, dry the fruits thoroughly, place them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer. Note that the less air is in a closed package, the better.

Kalina can be stored both in bunches and individual berries. If you don’t want to freeze the fruit, tie them into bundles and hang in a dark and cool place, such as in an attic.

Be sure to store berries packed, otherwise they soak up all foreign odors. If the berries have a thin shell, do not wash them before storage. They are like a sponge soak up water, and subsequently turn into a kashite-like mass.

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