How to set up a network in Linux

You’ll need
  • – root user password.

Run the System Configuration Program. Open the graphical shell application startup menu, expand the settings section. Find System Control Center or System management center. Click on it. Enter the root password if prompted. You can also run this application from the console or program startup window by typing the acc command.


Go to configuring network interfaces. In the System Control Center window, locate the Network section. Click on the Ethernet interfaces button.


Set up network interfaces. On the current page of the System Control Center, in the Interfaces list, select the item you want. In the Configuration drop-down list, select the configuration method: Manual, Use DHCP, or Zeroconf. Enter DNS server addresses in the DNS servers field. If you select a manual configuration method, specify the IP address and network mask in the IP address and Netmask fields, respectively. Click the Apply button to apply the changes. Click Main to navigate to the previous page.


If you have to access the Internet via a proxy server, set it settings. Click on the Proxy settings button. In the Proxy server and Port fields, enter the server address and port number on which connections are accepted. In the Account and Password fields, specify the credentials to access. Click the Apply button. Click the Main button in the top pane.


Create VPN connections if necessary. Click on OpenVPN Connections. Add a connection by selecting its type in the New Connection control group and clicking on the Create connection button. Select a new connection from the list. Set its parameters using the controls located to the right of the list. Specify server address, port number, key, recovery options, data compression, etc. Click Apply and Main buttons.


If necessary, change the firewall settings. Click on the Network firewall button. In the Select external interfaces list, select the network interfaces to which the rules should be applied. In the Services list, specify the network services running on the machine that you want to be available from outside. Click the Apply button.

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