How to send an email with activation


At the current pace of development of Internet technologies, many sites began to use automatic request forms. This means that going to the site, you get to the registration page. Several fields for filling are located here. To start your account, you must provide your name and email address to which you will be sent a letter confirming the completion of your registration. If authorization takes place in several steps, you may send additional messages. All the features and nuances of registration on the site you will see in the letter or on the site itself. In case the response letter is not available, please contact Technical Support.


There may be a situation where you resubmit a request or restore an old account. Then you need to contact technical support, they will send you the conditions to continue your work. You may need to send personal details, a copy of your passport (scanned), a photo, etc., depending on the requirements of the administration. To do this, you will need to go to your account, on which you have an electronic box (Google, Yandex, Mail and others). Next, insert the recipient email into the address line, attach the required files and wait for a response.



may need to send SMS to activate some applications as well as to work on the site. At the same time, the resource has a field for entering the number and additional parameters. Your number comes an SMS with a code that you enter into a special field on the page or send a response message from your phone to a short number. In such cases, caution must be exercised because of the large number of fraudsters in electronic technology. If you encounter this, contact your mobile operator’s support specialist.

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