How to sell soul on eBay in 2017

Despite the specifics of the product, selling soul at the Ebay auction is no different than selling any other stuff. So if you decide to become a salesman of your own soul, just register at and arrange a lot. When making a lot, remember that Ebay rules do not allow the placement of goods that have no physical essence, otherwise your soul will be withdrawn from sale. To prevent this from happening, be sure to attach an item to the lot and specify it in the description. For example, it could be your personal thing.

In the description to the lot, it is also advisable to specify exactly how the process of transferring your soul to the buyer will take place. There are no uniform rules and traditions in this matter: some sellers are limited to signing a contract, others – resort to the help of occult specialists – choice is yours. You also determine the initial price for the goods. Don’t forget that Ebay is an auction, and in the bidding process, the value of your soul can rise several dozen times.

Ebay auction history knows more than one case of selling the human soul. So, in 2007, a certain American who wished to remain anonymous, put up for sale his soul in a glass vessel. According to the seller, on such act it was pushed by lack of money for Christmas gifts for relatives.

Another salesman of his own soul was 26-year-old Newcastle-based British artist Gareth Malam. He managed to sell the “priceless property” for £11 60p. According to Malam’s stories, the buyer needed someone else’s soul after he lost his, betting on the results of a game of table hockey.

Among the sellers of the human soul was also a resident of the Dutch town of Enschede, who also preferred not to disclose his name. In the description to the lot, the seller indicated that his soul was kind and almost pure, and it could be a perfect and unusual gift. The buyer was expected to receive a soul along with a contract signed in blood where the soul’s “serial number” would be listed. The starting price at the auction was only $10. Potential buyers found, but the deal to sell soul never took place — the management of Ebay closed the bidding, explaining its move by the fact that the seller does not have the opportunity to provide proof the existence of its goods.

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