How to run a car in Chelyabinsk

You will need
  • – PTS;
  • – transit numbers;
  • – transit policy OSAGO.

From one city to another it is usually necessary to distill new cars or changed owners โ€” that is, sold and removed from accounting in the local office of traffic police. In both the first and second case, you will need a PTS (Vehicle Passport) with your data, sales contract and transit numbers inscribed in it. Transit numbers you will receive along with the purchased car, you will not have to take care of them. Just don’t forget to install them: if you just carry them in the cabin, you can be fined 5 thousand rubles or even deprived of the right to drive a vehicle for a period of up to 3 months. Also you will need a transit policy OSAGO, it can be bought in almost any auto market. Most likely, the policy will be issued immediately when buying a car.


It is

very undesirable to distilt the purchased car alone. It is due both to difficult criminal situation on Russian roads, and to banal fatigue. After spending 12 hours behind the wheel, the driver gets very tired, starts to react more slowly to changes in the road situation, can just fall asleep at the wheel. So try to find a partner, better too driver so you can replace each other. In case you are still driving alone, be sure to make stops after 5-6 hours of the journey and rest some time.


At night the car better not drive. This is due to the difficulty of driving on an unfamiliar route, an increased emergency hazard. Where to stay for the night? There are different tips to that effect. It is possible to stop briefly at the traffic police post: the staff of the post service are unlikely to take it with delight, but if you ask for a couple of hours to take a nap in your car under their supervision, you are unlikely to refuse.


You can stay overnight in one of the motels protected by the police. Finally, one of the easiest and most reliable options is to simply roll off the track into any secluded place unseen from the road. It is necessary to wind down at dusk, before the darkness. To leave at dawn. The probability that no one will disturb you at night is very high in this case. But be careful โ€” check in advance if anyone is watching your car.


When moving the car from Togliatti to Chelyabinsk, it is most convenient to use the following route: on the route M5 to get through Krasny Yar and Sukhodol to Ufa, further through Sim, Ust-Katav, Yuryuzan, Bakal, Satka, Nizhny Atlyan and Borovoye to their destination. The distance will be 918 km, the journey time is about ten hours. If you drive the car from Moscow, the road will be noticeably longer. The shortest route will pass through Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Ufa, further similar to the previous route. Travel time will be about 20 hours, its length is 1776 km.

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