How to rest on Seliger summer

You will need
  • – car;
  • – tent;
  • – fishing permit;
  • – fishing gear;
  • – tourist equipment;
  • – remedies for insects.

For a civilized holiday in Seliger in summer, remove a house or room at numerous recreation centers. They have developed infrastructure, the possibility to organize excursions to various destinations (for example, to the Holy Okovets key or to the Nilov deserts). Best of all proved themselves in reception of guests club hotel “Top of Seliger”, tourist base “Trail”, boarding house “Falcon”, reception house “Hut”.


If you are a lover of “wild” holidays, you can discover the beauty of Lake Seligera yourself. To do this, you need to book a place in a tent camp, collect fishing gear and send on the way. This option of pastime on Seliger in summer will allow you to truly relax from the stone urban jungle and experience yourself alone with nature.


Choose a tent space yourself. Just be sure to remember that during the holiday period of fertile soil for “wild” rest becomes very little, on the banks of Seliger with tripling speed grow temporary houses of amateurs spend time alone with a fishing rod. Try not to set up a tent in the forest: there you will be hunted by hordes of mosquitoes, anthills and termitters. Also in early summer beware of ticks.


Close to the water is also better not to be located, all the same insects will not let rest easy. The best place to break a tent is the edge of the forest, near a tree that will protect your house from overheating with its shadow. Carefully inspect the place before installation. It must be flat, dry and without holes in which rainwater can be collected. Under the tent, put a “carpet” of leaves or a special litter – so you are guaranteed to protect yourself from the cold of night.


For fishing on Seliger, purchase a special permit. You can get it from the fishery staff right on the lake. The cost varies depending on the location chosen for fishing. If you are staying at one of the Holiday Homes, you will be offered special fishing activities for which you do not need special permission.

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