How to reply to a twit




basic function of the Twitter service is to send instant messages to all followers or certain people from among your friends. However, don’t even try to find a special button that is responsible for sending tweets or responding to messages sent to you. In order to communicate on Twitter, you need to know special codes.


So, first of all you need to define the nickname of the person to whom the message is intended. Note that the nick and name on “Twitter” are completely different things. The user’s nickname is located directly below the name on the personal page. In addition, the nickname can be viewed at the address of the page. For example, if the user’s page address is, then “Johnson” is the user’s nickname.


Enter the desired text into the message line on your page. Note that the length of one tweet cannot exceed 140 characters. The main motto of this social network is “Shortness is the sister of talent”.


Next you need to decide whether you want to send another user a private message that only he can read, or do you prefer, so that your tweet is visible to everyone. To send a closed message, you must enter English beech “d” before the tweet, without space, and press “send”. In such a case, the addressee will receive an alert that he has been sent a private message that is not accessible to the public.


If you want to share your thoughts with the world, you must insert “dog” – the icon “@” before the message. In such a case, the addressee will receive notification that his name has been mentioned in your tweet. If desired, the user will be able to reply to your message or retweet further. Such functionality makes communication on the social network “Twitter” incredibly interesting! Try and you!

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