How to relax in Kamchatka Geyser Valley

Unique Kamchatka Valley of Geysers was discovered relatively recently. In 1941, geologist Tatiana Ivanovna Ustinova, researching the reserve, drew attention that in one of the rivers the water temperature is much higher. She crouched to rest, and immediately nearby a fountain of boiling water and steam broke out of the barely visible protalina. This geyser was later called “First-born”. Thus was opened Kamchatka Valley of Geysers.

In the world, in addition to Kamchatka, there are geysers in three other places: Iceland, New Zealand and the United States. But the Kamchatka valley is special — here in a small area (only about 2 square km) most known to science types of thermal springs (thermal sites, mud boilers, hot springs, waterfalls, etc.).

The valley is located in a stone canyon of volcanic origin on the territory of the Kronotsky Reserve. At the confluence of the two rivers Shumnaya and Geyserna there are more than 20 large springs and many small ones, which occasionally fountain and release almost boiling (about 95°C) water and clubs of steam.

Tourists reached the unique valley in Kamchatka, and in the 60-70s of the last century due to the barbaric attitude of people it began to gradually die. Therefore, in the late 70s, the tourist route to the Valley of Geysers closed. In the 1990s, however, the infrastructure of the valley managed to get in order. Tourists from all over the world once again have the opportunity to admire a unique nature reserve.

In 2007, a natural disaster occurred in the Valley of Geysers. Mudflows and landslides from snow, water, debris and smaller debris literally buried the Valley beneath itself. Under the sediments were geysers, thermal sites, waterfalls. Media reported the death of a unique natural object.

But gradually under the influence of the sun, moisture and wind, clay and volcanic tuff began to break down, collapsed masses began to become infected, and sources find new exits to the surface. The valley of geysers began to recover.

As a result of the disaster, the course of the Geysernoy River changed and a new lake was formed with a constant temperature of turquoise water. All this allowed for environmental tours, which recount the causes of natural disasters, as well as the close relationship between humans and wildlife.

You can reach the Valley of Geysers only by helicopter, which is ordered when recruiting a group and costs not cheap. The flight lasts about 2 hours (round trip). During the flight there is an opportunity to see the taiga, mountain rivers and lakes, mountains and volcanoes. A helicopter lands in the Valley of Geysers on a special site, from where a walking tour to the springs takes place. The hiking trail passes through the central part of the valley, where active and pulsating geysers, steam jets, hot lakes and other forms of hydrothermal springs can be observed. After the walk, a picnic is usually arranged.

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