How to regulate traffic on the road

You’ll need


  • rod and a disk with a red signal.

When adjusting traffic on the road, use a rod or a special disc with a red light returner to improve visibility signals for drivers and pedestrians. It needs to be held in the hand that will give the main signals. Remember that the adjustment is done by the whole body and both hands raised jointly or separately, depending on the direction of movement.


Raise any hand up to stop all vehicles and pedestrians or before changing the flow of traffic the other way. A loudspeaker can be used as an additional means to stop machines or other commands.


To resume movement in the desired direction, correctly set the gesture with your hand and signal with a whistle that serves as an additional means of attracting the attention of motorists. It can also be used in gross traffic violation.


To direct railless vehicles straight or right, become any side to the flow of vehicles you want to allow, stretch your hands to the side or lower them to the sides. At the same time, any vehicles and pedestrians will be prohibited from the side of your chest or back.


If you want to allow traffic in all directions, step towards the road left side and stretch your right hand forward. The tram at the same time has to go only to the left – towards the outstretched arm. Pedestrians in this direction will be able to cross the carriageway behind only your back.


Remember that vehicles on the right side of the adjuster with the right hand outstretched are obliged to stand still, and cars in the rear can in such a if you turn right. The tram is always obliged to move only in the direction of the adjuster’s hand.

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