How to register for Little Monsters

Everyone can register with the social network Little Monsters, it takes only a few minutes. To register, go to and enter the required information: email address, login and password in the suggested fields. Choose the day, month and year of your birth from the drop-down lists. In some browsers — for example, Opera, the page script may not work correctly without allowing data to enter, in which case use Mozilla Firefox. After filling in all lines, click Next.

You will open a window of the second step of registration in the social network Little Monsters. Here you need to talk about yourself. Fill in all fields, enter your name, place of residence, interests and arbitrary information about yourself. You can change the data you entered later in your profile at any time. Click Next again.

In the third step of registration, you must confirm that you are not a robot. To do this, specify the given characters in a special field. In the next step, you can invite your friends on various social networks, then click Next again. Registration will be completed, you will immediately go to the Little Monsters social network page. You will not need to enter a login and password, login will occur automatically

After going to the network page there will be a window with various suggestions for getting acquainted with the service, you will have to press Next several times. After that, you can start chatting with other users of Lady Gaga’s social network. Members of the new network have the opportunity to share photos, videos and other interesting materials.

Lady Gaga is well known on the internet. Her clips, posted on the YouTube service, collect millions of views, the followers of the singer’s microblog on Twitter became about 20 million people.

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