How to recognize mushroom poisoning

Note that it is possible to poison not only poisonous, but also some conventionally edible mushrooms if it is wrong to cook them. That is why at the first symptoms of poisoning it is necessary to call doctors at home, even if you think that mushrooms eaten by you are completely not dangerous. Such precaution may well save a life, because at the initial stage it is easy to cope with poisoning, and severe consequences can be avoided.

Typically, the first symptoms do not appear immediately after poisoning. Some mushrooms begin to negatively affect the body 3-4 hours after consumption, others — after 24 hours and even more. One way or another, the symptoms often turn out to be the same regardless of what mushrooms the person ate. First there are acute abdominal pain, then there are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Poisoning is sometimes so severe that it leads to dehydration of the body and even death. At best after rapid first aid, symptoms disappear and the person convalesces.

Far more dangerous are situations where the symptoms listed above actually turn out not to be the only results of poisoning. There are poisonous fungi with hepatonephrotoxic effects that cause liver damage. When poisoned by them, a person can get rid of vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, however, this will not stop the devastating effects of poison on the body.

At first it seems the disease is receding, but after a few hours new symptoms appear: the skin and mucous membranes take on an unnatural yellowish hue, there is first a sensation severity, and then severe pain in the right underrib, the well-being deteriorates dramatically. In such cases medical examination, liver enlargement is often diagnosed. If there are similar symptoms, you should see a doctor as quickly as possible. Otherwise at best a liver transplant may be required, and at worst a person will die.

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