How to put a bath tile

You will need
  • – tile tiles; – fugue; – hammer, chisel; – spatula; – cement and sand, or mixture to line the walls; – plastic crosshairs – drop; – building level; – wooden fascia; – small nails; – thread.

Free the bathroom. Take all the things out of her. Dismantle and remove all the plumbing. If possible remove the sewage pipes and their mounts to the walls, remove the mixer. There has to be an absolutely empty room.


Prepare wall and floor surfaces for tiling. If they already have tile, remove it. Use a chisel and a hammer. Set the tooth to the edge of the tile at a sharp angle, as if going to put it up. Strike with a hammer on the tooth in order to separate the tiles. Use protective gloves and goggles to avoid hand and eye injuries from sharp shrapnel. Using a knife, chisel and sharp metal spatula, remove the remains of tile glue from the walls and floor.


Check the walls and ceiling for the need to align them. Use the drop to make sure that each wall is vertical in all places. Check the floor for horizontality by the building level. Use the corner to make sure that the corners between the walls and the walls and the floor are strictly 90°. There should also be no significant recesses and protrusions on surfaces. If any of these conditions is not met, go to step 4, otherwise to step 5.


Align the walls and the floor. Use a common solution (cement with sand) or special construction mixtures. Work with a wide spatula. For the floor you can apply “pouring floors” – this is more convenient because they align themselves.


Prepare for tiling in the bathroom. Prepare the adhesive composition. It should be of medium consistency. On the floor along the walls lay wooden fascia. Align them to a horizontal state. At the corners of the first wall to be finished, also secure the rails. They must be positioned absolutely vertically.


Put the tiles on the walls. The first row should be located at the bottom, mounted by the lower edge on a horizontal wooden fascia. The extreme tiles are aligned to the fascia on the walls. Apply the adhesive composition with a serrated spatula and apply tiles to the wall. Gently press them to achieve perfect position and even distribution of the adhesive. Upper rows level by hammering nails into vertical fascia on walls and straining threads between them. For easy styling and keeping accurate clearance sizes, insert special plastic crosses between tiles.


Put the tiles on the floor. Act similar to how it was described in the previous step. Start the work from far in relation to the door corner. With the construction level, control each tile for its precise horizontal location. Make sure the surfaces of all tiles are on the same level.


Carry out the finishing works. Wait for the full solidification of the tile glue (only then you can walk on the floor). Prepare the composition for “grout” (fugu), scouting a special dry mixture with water. Fill it the seams between the tiles with a rubber spatula. After drying the fugue, clean the entire bathroom of its residues and drops of tile glue.

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