How to protect yourself from the flood


The only way to save yourself from flooding is not to live in heated areas. The Emergency Situations Ministry, for example, reports that more than 60% of potentially dangerous areas are inhabited and built up with houses. Therefore, before starting construction or agreeing to purchase — be sure that the surrounding area does not fall into the area of risk. Given the nature of the disaster, there is no other way to completely secure yourself.


If you still fall into the risk zone, the first thing you need to do is collect all the important documents in a waterproof package and put in easily accessible place. It makes sense in general everything valuable to distance from gender as much as possible. Be sure to have at least a few harvested portions of dry ration and deferred money.


Make sure that every member of your family knows how to cut off electricity (wiring in water is dangerous like nothing else) and gas; that everyone is aware of the prefabricated evacuation points (information can be found from the local authorities) .$


Equip easy access to the roof. The attached staircase is not the best choice, because it can be dropped with a strong current. It is most reliable to secure steps directly on the walls of the house, or to think out the exit from inside the room


Purchase a swimming agent. At the same time, think: the fishing boat will occupy a lot of space, but will always be ready for use. In a sudden flood, there will simply be no time to cook an inflatable raft (especially since an electric pump may be needed).


Explore the terrain. You have to know all the elevations and just tall objects (even a tree house can be saving). Clearly imagine the behaviour of the river: why flooding could have occurred, how long it will last, which way the current goes. The more you know, the more meaningful decisions you can make at a critical time (for example, you don’t have to believe rumors about the duration of the deluge).

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