How to protect yourself from a virus that takes printers out of build

Antivirus specialists believe that the failure of printed devices is a side effect of virus software. The main purpose of this program is to distribute advertising content in the form of spam. Once infected with malware, the computer transmits commands to all available printers. In doing so, the devices give out sheets with a meaningless character set until the paper runs out.

A range of measures should be taken to combat such viruses. To begin with, turn off the computer. Disconnect the printer cable. If the PC is connected to the network or the Internet, remove the appropriate cable from the socket. Reactivate your computer. Perform a full system check of the antivirus program already installed. Make sure that there are no symptoms of infection by connecting the printer to your computer. Remove pre-most of the paper from the compartment.

If verification of the antivirus used did not help to remove the malware, download Dr.Web CureIt. It is better to download from the official developer website. Use any uninfected computer or laptop to do this. Importantly, the Dr.Web CureIt app is free for home use only.

Run the application file from an external drive. Press the F9 button and select the program mode. Now click “Start” and wait for the scan to complete. Be sure to delete all found virus objects.

Restart your computer. Connect a printer and an Internet access cable to it. Verify the operation of the printing device. Do not activate your Internet connection until you verify that there are no traces of virus files.

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