How to protect your car from hijack


Don’t think you’re insured against theft if you have an inexpensive car. The criminal, by contrast, may find it protected far worse than a luxury expensive car, and will surely prove right. For sale on spare parts will suit even a very old cheap machine, not to mention new, but inexpensive models.


Install a high-quality alarm, taking care that attackers did not know what security system is installed in car. In particular, there should be no stickers, labels with the name of the manufacturer, etc.


Ask to equip the machine an anti – theft complex comprising several different systems, each complementary to the others.$ Even if the criminal manages to bypass 1-2 defense functions, he cannot account for everything and will surely make a mistake.


Do not turn off the alarm permanently if at night it suddenly turns on several times in a row for no apparent reason. Otherwise, there is a great chance that you won’t find your car in the usual place in the morning. In such cases, there are two options: either pretend that you are gone and watch the car or stay waiting at the door of the entrance, or take the car to a secure parking lot.


Find out the most vulnerable places of your car and fix them. In some models, for example, it is very easy to open the lock or break the handle. In this case, a good option would be to replace the factory parts with similar, but produced by another company for another brand of car and not having such a disadvantage.


Install a self-contained alarm that is not powered by a car battery. It can be incapacitated in many ways, from snacking a wire to using a taser. After all, if the car thief knows that the owner won’t come to the rescue of the car too quickly, he can crack the door, open the hood, disable the battery and then already quietly defuse the alarm.

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