How to protect a dog from ticks summer

You’ll need
  • – antiparasitic collar;
  • – spray from mites;
  • – drops from parasites.

Put an antiparasitic collar on your dog, which can be bought from a zoological shop. Of course, it can’t protect one hundred percent, but combined with additional measures will help avoid sucking the tick. Learn the instructions for use and do not forget to change your collar in time.


On sale you can find sprays and drops that scare off ticks. Apply the remedy to the withers of the animal in the period of early spring, when snow still lies on the street. A few days later, the drug is absorbed into the skin and distributed in follicles. The elicited aroma and will scare away the parasites.


Before going to nature, treat the animal’s wool aerosol, which helps to defend against the attack of ticks. Usually the remedy has a complex effect: frightens midges, mosquitoes and other bloodsucking insects. Make sure the aerosol doesn’t catch your eye.


Be sure to inspect the animal for ticks on arrival with a walk if you’ve been to places where trees and grass grow. If you find the parasite, try to remove it yourself or take the dog to a veterinary clinic. Pretreat ticks with oil – better machine. Wink your head and gently slash in circular movements, then extract. Grease the bite spot with alcohol or iodine.


Watch out for the dog’s overall condition. If suddenly the temperature started to rise, the appetite was gone, the animal became sluggish and constantly lying, and the color of urine changed โ€” urgently call a veterinarian or take the dog to clinic. He needs help, otherwise the death of a pet is possible.

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