How to prevent premature brain age

To prevent brain degradation, you need to do mental work daily. Any puzzles, chess, study of foreign languages, crosswords, work related to intellectual work can serve as a load. Such exercises will help preserve the youth of the brain, good memory.

Find yourself a fascinating hobby. So you will not only pick up an interesting activity for free time, but also activate the brain. Moreover, the hobby is a source of positive emotions. Nerve cells don’t recover, but optimism and good mood will help preserve brain resources.

Start training your memory. Learn the poems of favorite poets, try to remember all the important information for you and do not resort to the help of a notebook. Use associative memory, come up with the appropriate image to the information you need.

Alternate mental work and recreation. After actively working the brain, it is necessary to relax, listen to pleasant music or read. Don

‘t forget about the products that feed the brain with a set of substances it needs. During mental work, a lot of glucose is consumed, which is found in beans, muesli, nuts, rice and bread.

Proteins are needed to work fully and accelerate reactions. They are found in large numbers in meat, squid, poultry, fish and dairy products. Note that the less shelf life, the more benefit the product will benefit.

To maintain good memory, the body needs zinc. It is found in pods, bread, turkey meat and sea fish. Excellently improves the intelligence of iodine, which is rich in all seafood. Boron contributes to increased brain activity, it is found in pears, apples, broccoli and grapes.

To support the nervous system, eat foods containing calcium. These include oranges, apricots and all dairy. For youth, the brain needs magnesium, which is found in wheat, milk, bananas and peanuts.

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