How to prepare for EU




schoolboy needs to understand that parents due to their employment are unlikely to be able to help him in preparation for the exam, so prepare is likely to have to yourself. In no case, it is impossible to skip classes on subjects that will have to be passed in the form of EGE at the end of the year. It is in the lessons that the student receives basic information, which later enjoys more complex material.


Remember that success on the EGE needs you and nobody else, so for successful delivery it will be necessary to forget about laziness and not delay preparation on then. Two to three months before the exam, it is impossible to master all the material even at a good level. It is best to start preparing in September to make time. During the day, be sure to spend one and a half or two hours on preparation for the EGE. During the weekend you can devote up to four hours to preparation, but it is better to break this time into several parts.


Write out all the rules you receive on those items for which you will have to hand over the EGE in separate notebooks. To better assimilate material, try to systematize it in the form of diagrams or tables. So you use visual and motor memory and will be able to remember a certain amount of information. Learning the rules won’t help you if you don’t understand their essence, so you need to start understanding what this is about in one case or another.


Get books with training tasks on the EGE, in them you can get acquainted with the conditions of the exam, level distribution of tasks and other useful information.$ Solve the tasks from these books, it will help you get used to the types of tasks of the EGE and give an understanding of what difficulties you can meet when you pass the exam.


Consult with the teacher on the subject you are sure of the least. Test yourself by reference books and material you were given at school. Do all your homework and get ready for lessons as new material is always based on basic theoretical knowledge.


During preparation for the EGE, do not forget about rest, try to fall asleep. It’s best not to try to exercise nights before the exam. Do not try to prepare cribs for the EGE and even more so take them for the exam. You may be removed from the delivery of the EGE if you write off.

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