How to prepare for a vacation in Tibet

Tibet’s climate is quite harsh: the average temperature in summer is only 15 degrees and in winter is -4 degrees. Moreover, the area is characterized by strong winds. That means you should stock up on warm things even if you head to Tibet in July or August. Choose carefully the clothes you take with you so that your journey is not disrupted due to a cold.

If you intend to climb mountains, consider that the air there is sparse and cold. In some places, oxygen levels can change significantly, which produces an adverse effect on the body of an unaccustomed to life in the mountains. Increased heartbeat, dizziness and headache may appear. Study several effective breathing exercises in advance that will help manage this, as well as be sure to take medical preparations, including painkiller. Visit your doctor to make sure you can climb the Highlands without fear for your cardiovascular system.

Bright sunlight could be another problem. Be sure to bring suntan cream with you, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is also very important to buy sunglasses with a wide frame that will effectively protect your eyes. It is worth bringing with you moisturizing and nourishing creams that will help you look after the skin during the journey.

Make a memo not to forget about the intricacies of vacation in Tibet. Tibetan cuisine is very peculiar, and dishes are sometimes prepared with ingredients that are not used in Russia. Try to eat only light food, as close as possible to your usual food. Just in case, take with you medication for stomach pains and other troubles that can arise if you eat something wrong. Don’t take cigarettes and alcohol with you and try to refuse to use them even before your trip.

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