How to prepare a presentation on the defense of a diplomat

You will need
  • – PC running Windows operating system;
  • – Internet access.

Pay special attention to the content of the thesis and its main points. Denote the priority of the semantic fill of the slides rather than the color, graphic image, or background pattern.


Remember that the presentation to the defense of the diploma should reflect the main stages of work on the project. Form a consistent and complete description of each individual stage by fitting the basic thought into a couple of competently composed sentences.


Emphasize viewers’ attention on a list of major problems and ways to solve them. Explore the methods you choose and give some of your own recommendations for defining them.


Make a Power Point presentation for your thesis in neutral and uncatchy tones. When choosing the font and the color of the text, make sure that it is easy to read and does not merge with the background.


Prepare the title page of the presentation by specifying in it the title of your thesis. In the lower right corner, write the data of the scientific supervisor, surname and initials of the performer.


In the following slides describe in the form of concise theses the problem and the subject of the study. Using clear justifications, provide the determining reason for choosing a topic for your diploma project. Forming slides, supplement your explanations with different diagrams, diagrams and tables for visibility.


Gradually go to setting out research methods, emphasize the significance and relevance of your project. Suppress the theoretical information with the analysis of the information obtained during your work on the topic.


Concluding the presentation, supplement it with a list of results you have received during your research. Remember that in the 10-15 minutes allocated for the presentation of the project, you need to convince the members of the commission of their competence and well-deserved receipt of the rank of specialist.

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