How to play Winx belivix”

You will need
  • – internet access or installation disc with the game.

Type in the search bar of your browser the name of the game. Winx Belivix fans have the opportunity to play free online flash games. Select one of the sites of the relevant subject. Usually the games “Winx belivix” are designed for a maiden audience, as very often have sections such as “Dress Up”, “Makeup”, “Decoration”, etc.


Opening the main page of the site with the game “Winx Belivix”, select from the list of the given games the one you are interested in. For example, it could be “Winx’s Magic Wardrobe.” The game challenge is to pick up Winx clothes and create her unique image.


Choosing a variety of game from “Winx Belivix”, carefully read the instructions on how to control the character or other details. As a rule, management is not difficult and does not require any special skills. For example, in order to tastefully choose a wardrobe for Winx, it is enough to drag the mouse one or another clothes chosen for fitting.


Clearly decide on the game task. For example, in the game “Winx Belivix – Elf Okulda” you will need to catch elves flying past into soap bubbles. How to do this will be described in the instruction that appears immediately after you run the game. In the game “Winx Belivix – Elf Agach” it is necessary to arrange furniture in their places in the house, etc.


Most sites with games “Winx Belivix” contain forums and chats for communication of fans of this entertainment. After registering on the forum, you will be able to discuss any questions you have regarding game strategy, share your achievements or just find friends by correspondence. In addition, on the site you can keep your blog, which will collect all your creativity concerning the world of “Winx Belivix”. If you do not have internet access, you can purchase the game “Winx Belivix” in the store, install on your computer and play without connecting to the network.

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