How to play the game “SpongeBob – Square Pants”

You’ll need
  • – computer;
  • – game “SpongeBob – SquarePants”.

Install the game. The “SpongeBob – Square Pants” icon will appear on the desktop. Click 2 times on the icon, start loading. Then select “New Game”. Wait for the first chapter, which is called “Love thy neighbor.”


You show up in Bob’s Spunk Room. To get through the first chapter, you need to prepare for a hike at Krusty Krabs. To do that, you have to dress and brush your teeth. Clothes lie in the chest, which is in the sleeping room. Walk into the kitchen and take a shoulder blade from the table. Go back to the room. Right-click. Your inventory will open. Select the shoulder blade and place it on the chest. Take clothes out of your chest, open your inventory and use the clothes on Spunk Bob.


Go to the kitchen and take ice from the fridge. Take the alarm clock out of the room. Go into the bathroom and get a toothbrush. Head to Patrick’s house. Give ice to Patrick so he gives you the remote back from the TV.


Go to Squidward’s house. In the kitchen, see his home room. Go home. Use the remote to turn off the TV. Step out into the backyard. Use an alarm clock on the repairman. Fix your phone wires. Use your phone to distract Squidward.


Go back to Squidward’s house. Go to the bath. Take toothpaste. Opening the inventory, combine the paste and toothbrush and take advantage of it.


The first chapter is finished. Using the experience of passing the first level of the game, you can continue to play successfully. This will help you make SpongeBob a real steward!

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