How to pass PDD examination




rules of the road are very voluminous and learning them yourself is quite difficult, so many potential drivers give it away to driving school. Such a technique makes itself aware, as teachers usually explain difficult points in the SDA and often carry out control work to test students’ knowledge. If you are able to afford to attend theoretical courses, it will be better to take advantage of this opportunity.


Listen carefully to the material that the driving school teacher offers you. If you have any questions on the rules of the road without hesitation, approach it and ask. After all, he gets money for your tuition, and it should be in his best interest to educate a literate driver.


Become additional literature that will allow you to train in your knowledge. In any bookstore you can find small books with the titles a la “Trainer Exam SDA”. They do not cost much, and the benefit between those can be very much, since they often publish the same type of tasks with those issued on the exam. Consult with your teacher as needed.


When preparing for the exam, you can also use Internet sources. In particular, the website offers its visitors to pass the exam for category “A” and “B” online. Try to solve the exam and then analyze your work for errors and draw conclusions what else you need to pay attention to.


It is not worth preparing the night before the exam. Rest and sleep well. On the exam itself, be careful and careful. Read the question, think well into it, then you can understand what exactly is wanted from you, and can answer it. Sometimes the exam comes across the same questions, formulated differently, and it must be taken into account.

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