How to overcome the reluctance of toddlers to attend daycare;

Reasons for not wanting to go to the garden can be very different – from being unable to perceive separation from parents to not loving the caregiver, mode, food. So in each case, parents will have to figure it out on their own. It is

necessary to teach the child to the garden in advance, not just before the mother leaves maternity leave to work. Even before that moment it is necessary to tell the kid how fun and interesting in the garden, but while he is still too small to go there and play with other guys. Then he will look forward to visiting the garden like a holiday.

First the kid is brought on a day walk to meet the tutor and children. The stay time is then increased and gradually brought to a whole day. But if and after that the child does not go to a kindergarten, but looks for all ways to stay home, parents will have to be ready for a difficult fight.

First, you can’t show weakness, go on occasion and leave a child at home, nor feel sorry for him. Sensing that he could manipulate his parents, the kid would moody even more. Liberalism in this situation is only to aggravate the situation.

Second, try to find a compromise. If the reason is for the unpleasant menu for the child, gradually accustom them to kindergarten dishes by cooking them at home. When the kid doesn’t like the tutor or or there is no common language with the team, you can try to negotiate with the administration and for some time be present in the group with the child to make sure that happening personally. This will help the child adapt faster.

But in any case, the child should initially know that the garden is as much a duty to him as working for his parents. And then he will realize that the fight here is pointless, and will be forced to look for positives in the garden.

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