How to order “Yandex.Taxi”

Login to Yandex to use the service. Go to the website “Yandex.Taxi” and make an order: specify the time of the trip, where and where you need to go. If necessary, you can specify additional requests such as the taxi has air conditioning or a non-smoking cabin, etc.

Choose suitable rates and exclude taxi services that any reason is not suitable for completing the order if the car is required within forty minutes. Please specify the specific taxi service in order if the car is needed in an hour or the next day.

Enter your mobile phone number when you send your order. Then click on the “taxi call” button. Phone confirmation is required only once. The service will remember this number and on subsequent orders will offer it automatically. The route of the trip will survive in travel history.

After the service of the taxi partner of the service is ready to send the car, the dispatcher will call the customer’s mobile phone and ask to confirm the order, or simply send an SMS with confirmation. Usually this happens very quickly – according to the experts of “Yandex-Taxi” the average time is twelve minutes, as in connection with the service every second there are more than six thousand cars, from of which about two thousand are permanently free.

If a taxi is required after an hour or the next day, the dispatcher’s call will not come immediately, but before the driver leaves. Confirm your order to the service manager by phone and specify the route of the trip.

View on the website “Yandex.Taxi”, which appeared after the call of the dispatcher information about the taxi, location of the car. If desired, you can follow the movement of the car on a special online-map and determine the place where it is parked. When the taxi arrives, a message will be sent to the customer’s mobile phone or a call will be made.

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