How to order a car using Yandex.Taxis

The main plus of this application is that it can find any taxi next to the customer. Therefore, waiting times are reduced, the task of finding a suitable company providing services to the carrier is facilitated, and there is confidence that a taxi driver will arrive, officially registered and who has been authorized to work in the provision of services.

The scheme of the application is quite simple. You need to point your smartphone to the point of departure. In most cases, these phone models define it themselves by communicating with satellites. Specify the arrival point as well. You can choose from immediately the system will offer several options with the specified prices – economy or business class. Some taxi services set a certain basic rate, such as 300 rubles for 20 minutes of travel. And it is these rates that the phone will show you. The other part determines the cost of the trip from a kilometre. Choose the option that is convenient to you.

Next, the app will invite you to select several indicators at once that should make your trip more comfortable. So, for example, you can tick the boxes if you need a child car seat, if you do not want the driver to smoke, if you are waiting for a superior car, if you need an air conditioner . In short, many different details that each person picks up for themselves.

Once you make your choice, the system, bypassing the dispatcher or other representatives of the taxi call center, sends the request directly to the driver. She chooses the one that is as close as possible from you. As a result, the waiting time for your car can only take about 5 minutes. The

service also provides that you can track your driver’s movements on the way to you via a special map. On it you will see the real state of affairs on the road, for example, whether there are traffic jams in a particular place of the route you are going to move on.

The driver contacts his dispatcher himself and hands him the order, so do not be surprised if you are notified by the call center employee of the taxi service called by you.

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