How to opt out of a domain

You will need
  • – application to the domain registrar.



need for formal abandonment of the domain may be due to the desire to knowingly exclude any possible legal consequences. Since the domain can be used to host a wide variety of materials, including those that may fall under existing legislation, abandoning the domain name will allow you to have full immunity from any claim from the date of its implementation.$ But for everything that happened on the resource from the moment of registration of the domain until the day of abandonment of it, the former owner continues to be responsible.


Abandoning a domain is more difficult than registering it, as rejection refers to so-called critical procedures. This means that in order to refuse you need not only to write a statement to the company registering the domain, but also to provide copies of the documents confirming your identity and, accordingly, the right to own domain. The form for refusal to register is usually on the site of the domain name registrar, you only need to download it and fill out.


If the domain belongs to a legal entity, the application for rejection of the domain must be certified by the seal of the firm and by the signature of the person, $ authorized to certify such documents. Copies of all documents can be forwarded electronically.


Domain name waiver is not accepted if the domain name has been blocked if the domain owner’s registration data cannot be confirmed if there are legal claims and if 60 days have not elapsed since the date of acceptance of domain rights transferred to the administrator by a third party.


Is it always necessary to give up a domain you don’t need anymore? No, registration will automatically be interrupted if you do not renew it — that is, do not pay the domain for another year. In practice, it is enough for the owner of a domain name to simply remove the site from hosting, after which it can be safely forgotten. If the site that you no longer need is quite a good project and has a good number of visitors, it is more correct to try to sell it. The specific price of a resource depends on the level of its popularity. Sometimes you can sell and just a domain name if it has a sonically catchy name. A good domain name on average costs from $1000 and up.

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