How to marinate garlic

After removing the garlic from the mud, immediately trim the botva, leaving a foam of about 2-2,5 cm. Roots cut the flush with the bottom, and remove all clothes from the head, leaving only the last one, so that the slices do not fall apart. Rinse the garlic in running water. You can also marinate garlic seed arrows, cleaning them from excess cover.

To remove the harness of the garlic, pour the heads with cold water with the addition of 9% natural vinegar (per 7 kg garlic 1 litre vinegar). Garlic will completely lose the flagellum in 30-40 days. After that, drain the vinegar solution and add the water firmly salted and sweetened. Pour 6% apple vinegar (0.5 liters per marinade bucket) into the solution. Garlic will be ready in 15-20 days.

To give the garlic a more appetizing appearance, add vitamins and organic acids, rub table beets (1 kg) on a fine grater. Stir with 0.5 liters of water and wring through a sieve or gauze. This juice and add to the marinade.

Store the pickled garlic in a dark place, otherwise vitamin C will decompose. Do not freeze the marinade, after thawing the garlic will become soft and will not appealingly crunch.

You can get pickled garlic suitable for consumption in a few hours. To do this, prepare it according to this recipe: prepared heads of garlic peel from all scales and free cloves. Turn them on a colander, give boiling water and cool them. Cook the brine: for 1 litre of water, take 50g of sugar and 50g of salt, bring to a boil, two minutes boil and remove from the heat. Add to the brine 100g table vinegar 9% and pour the finished marinade stacked garlic cloves in jars. In a few hours such garlic can be used as a snack. Store garlic pickled this way can only be a few weeks, in a cool dark place.

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