How to make sand dough tortillas with cumin

You’ll need
    • 200g butter;
  • 300g wheat flour;
  • 200g hard cheese;
  • salt to taste;
  • 1 whole egg and 3 yolks;
  • 1 teaspoon cumin (or 1:1 mixture of cumin and dill);
  • additionally: sour cream 20%
  • butter for parchment.

Prepare the shortbread dough for the tortillas. Before cooking, you should pre-hold butter (200 g) in the freezer, about 15-20 minutes. Wheat flour (300 g) sew through a fine sieve.


Place the sifted flour in a spacious container (enamelled, glass or food stainless steel). On a cutting board chop chilled butter with a well-pointed knife. Put small pieces (1×1 cm) in dishes with flour.


Continue chopping the butter for at least 20-30 minutes, fingers re-rubbing it with flour. You have to get a large, crumbly mixture – the basis of durable and plastic dough.


Enter 200 g of untangled hard cheese in “butter”, grating it on a fine grater before grating it. Add table salt to your taste, then mix everything thoroughly.


Attach 3 raw yolks of large chicken eggs to the resulting mass and knead the dough. If it turns out to be too steep, flutter it with a small amount of oily (20%) sour cream.


Put the sand dough in a clean plastic bag, disperse in your hands and flatten. After that, it should be kept in the fridge from 1-2 hours to day. During this time, the butter will cool well and the dough will be easier to handle. The tortillas are more delicious and crumbly.


Remove the dough from the fridge and put on a large cutting board sprinkled with flour. Roll it into a layer about 1cm thick. 1 chicken egg lightly whisk with a fork or mixer, then grease it with the face of future tortillas.


Simultaneously spread 1-1.5 teaspoons of whole cumin seeds on the surface of the teaspoon. As an option, you can use a savory homemade seasoning: mix cumin seeds with dry dill leaves 1:1 and cut everything in a hand mill (coffee grinder). The resulting powder pour the dough.


Shape tortillas with 8-10 cm diameter round shapes. The oven swallow up to 200 degrees. Bakery parchment impregnate with butter and zip it with a baking tray. Put the dough products on it and bake for 15 minutes. Ready tortillas with cumin should acquire a light yellow color.

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