How to make mushroom cutlets peasant

You’ll need
    • 50g dried mushrooms;
  • 400g pork loin;
  • 1 bulb;
  • 1 tbsp milk;
  • 4 tbsp breadcrumbs;
  • 4 tbsp ghee;
  • 500 ml water;
  • 2 tbsp flour;
  • butter;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt.

Pour dried mushrooms with boiling water and leave them for one hour to swell. After that, drain the water into separate utensils, press the mushrooms with hands and cut finely.


Peel the bulb, cut it into straws and mix with mushrooms. Roast the mushrooms and onions in melted fat almost until fully cooked. Slightly salt the resulting filling for the cutlets.


Slice the pork loin into 5mm thick pieces and whittle them with a special hammer on two sides. Salt each piece of meat. Put one or two tablespoons of mushroom filling on each piece of loin, spread it evenly. On top, put a small slice (roughly 10-15g) of butter. Roll the piece of pork, giving it the shape of a cutlet.


Whisk the egg with the milk in a deep dish. Pour the breadcrumbs on a flat plate. Moisten the mushroom cutlet peasant in a whipped egg on all sides, pack in breadcrumbs and roast in vegetable oil until a mouth-watering blush crust emerges.


Cook the sauce. To do this in a dry pan, fry the flour until light brown. Flour should be stirred continuously. Remove the pan from the heat, let the flour cool completely. Mix the flour with the water in which the mushrooms were soaking. Stir everything until lumps of flour disappear completely.


Put the pan on the heat, bring the sauce to the boil, salt it to taste. Several spoons of sour cream can be added if desired.


Put a garnish on a plate, pour it with sauce. Nearby, put a mushroom cutlet in a peasant way. Sprinkle all the shredded greens and serve to the table.

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